I ruined my brand new mountain bike when I was 15 because I wanted it to be black. I gave the frame to the powder coaters and it came back black but because I didn't know powder coating uses huge heat it melted the bits that made the bike usable. It's been this desire to make stuff adhere to my style ideals and the backlash of such that run rampage behind pretty much every triumph or disaster of my life. It's taken me 30 years to make friends with this wolf of mine and now we're pals I feed it every time I create.

Joel Pringle is a travelling Australian creative. Part time local of Melbourne, Byron, Sydney and the Macedon Ranges, Joel balances a few businesses while living with his partner and little boy in their home, van and yacht. Commercially he offers creative packages typically made up of a website, logo, photos and illustration. Creative choice of Lynda Gardener The Apartment St Kilda, Kimberley Amos River Hawk Ranch, Edwina Bartholomew and Neil Varcoe Seven News and Warramba, Rohan Anderson Whole Larder Love, Michael and Carlene This Old Van, Josh and Jenna The Shack, Chris Mauger Phillip & Lea, Kate Berry LunchLady Mag, Homelife Magazine and UBER. Avail for a limited number of projects per year.

AMAZING, FUN & PASSIONATE  Lynda Gardener The Apartment
WHAT A TALENT  Edwina Bartholomew 7 News Warramba