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Joel Pringle Melbourne Design

Joel Pringle is an Australian Creative Director. His skillset – ranging graphic design, web design, photography and illustration, sees him crafting finest creative assets for entrepreneurs & small businesses.

I work for the movers and the shakers, the troublemakers. You're my client if you do life a little differently and if you believe in what you're doing, 'cause if you believe in what you're doing, your endeavour deserves the finest creative assets available.

I am a professional designer and business director with 15 years continuous industry experience building websites, designing logos, taking photos and scribblin' illustrations. I'm also a genuine, down to earth guy who cares about what he does. I've slowly built up my now wide-ranging skillset which is employed by the brightest go-getters, coolest brands and the most change-making people out there. I bring a wealth of life experience to the table allowing me to design websites and logos, plus shoot photos and pen illustrations that excel in the real world. I'm a pumped father, a loving partner and in a nutshell a person who does their best everyday.

You're not employing a designer, you're employing a person who sees the big picture and can deliver everything you'll need at the most value packed price on the market. I'm hassle free, friendly and my work will empower you. Plug me in, sit back, relax and watch me make you something amazing.

I work as a freelance designer, offering a diverse creative skill set including graphic design, photography, illustration, branding, art direction and web design. This makes me an asset to people looking to start a business or established traders looking for a refresh. 

I bring an instantly recognisable style to all that I do. My work and service is reliable as it is beautiful.

PLUS I'm living my dream. I know what my WHY is, you know? My why is to make you creative assets that will help you start that business or empower the one you already have. I believe that people should be working everyday in roles they create themselves, born out of their passion. I feel this will help the individual and the world become happier and more free. 

I have worked in the creative industry for more than 15 years. Selected clients include Uber, Officeworks, Lynda Gardener, Brisbane Airport, Australian Federal Government, Homelife Magazine and many aspiring start ups as I live for the underdogs.

I've learnt from the brightest creatives and business mentors. I’m a person who likes pleasing others and I’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re really happy with everything.

I play guitar, am fairly outdoorsy and love a short black. I create everyday, this is who I am and what I love. I am based in Melbourne. 

I am available for a limited number of creative projects per year.